BaseWorx Frees Up Management Time of Creative Spark Dundalk

Busy Co-Working Space Frees Up Time by Centralizing & Automating Bookings, Payments, Website Updates, Occupant Data, Course Promotions & More!

About Creative Spark

Creative Spark is a Company Limited by Guarantee and operates as a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to develop the local creative industries sector and support new and established innovative enterprises. 

Creative Spark, centre for creativity and innovation, launched in October 2012 with the goal of providing dedicated creative training and workspace facilities for new and established enterprises in County Louth, Ireland – a place to work and a place to learn. 


Initially, the Creative Spark team was handling the operations, bookings & payments and marketing etc with different processes as they did not have an all-in-one platform solution to help them to grow and scale their business.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Creative Spark team decided to reach out to BaseWorx co-working space software solution as the team believed that Baseworx could help Creative Spark by:

✧ Better marketing and branding - A new beautiful and easy-to-manage website for Creative Spark with a powerful all-in-one co-working management functionality
✧ Automating membership management  
✧ Centralizing all the payment handling in one place
✧ Flexible space booking function for different settings of meeting rooms, printing studio, and ceramic studio etc

Problems before centralization
  • The Receptionist of Creative Spark was too busy with bookings, payments & other repetitive tasks as the hub was very busy. 

  • Staff members were working off 5 different programs and all of them with different processes.

  • Staff members were wasting time on tedious tasks - for example setting up processes for tickets sales of events and training.

  • Very Poor marketing visibility in the community without an all-in-one website.

  • The old WordPress website was too complicated & time-consuming to update.

  • There were too many different moving parts across 22 office spaces and there was no place to see and track everything in one go.

Outcomes after implementing Baseworx
  • Centralized everything into one simple platform for managing events/exhibitions, the print studio, newsletter subscriptions, training sessions, contact information, calendars & more

  • Improved visibility on Google with lots of traffic from the blog

  • Disseminating information to occupants became a lot easier (e.g., training room updates)

  • Quick website updates

  • Easy promotion of courses, events, and fundraising

Niamh Gregory, Creative Spark Dundalk

We’re very busy, and BaseWorx makes our day-to-day life a lot easier. They centralize an awful lot into one platform! Highly recommend BaseWorx!” - Niamh Gregory, Marketing and Outreach Officer, Creative Spark.

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