Your Hub Handbook Checklist

Your Hub Handbook Checklist

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Every coworking space, no matter how big, how small, or how many members it has, need a hub handbook. It might sound strange, but this document is unifying. It serves as one of the foundational blocks of your coworking community and culture. It tells your members, who you are, what the space is about, how to use it, and it is always there when you as a hub manager are not. So what must it include?  

  • A Big Welcome - This seems obvious but it’s vital to open with. If people don’t feel welcome, they won’t stay. And a successful coworking hub has a great community culture. 

  • Getting Here - A coworking space provides a location for many transient workers. Those on the go need to know the access details so whether it’s airports or stations,  include all their options. 

  • Meet The Team - All members should know who is who and never be left wondering. 

  • Hub Values – This is an opportunity to show your members what’s important to the space. Whether that’s integrity, excellence or collaboration, they need to be included in this section.

  • Location - Why is where you are located great? Include the answer and any important landmarks or things to know about your location in this section. 

  • Facilities - There is no point in having facilities if they aren’t being utilised. Ensure everyone knows what’s available to them and where to find what they need. 

  • BaseWorx Software – The key way everyone will remain connected is through our online platform if you are using it. Let them know how to access it and how they can use it to become part of your hubs community. 

  • The Building - Whether it’s closing time or an access point, include all building-related tidbits, so no one gets locked out or left out. 

  • Health and Safety - This has never been more important than it is now. List all the usuals and include a piece on Covid-19 and what the hub is doing to manage the situation. 

  • Local Services – Let your members know of other hotspots in the local community or services they might need from time to time e.g. doctors, restaurants, taxi services.  

  • Membership - The types and rates of membership should be easy to find and what’s included/not included. 

  • Etiquette - From clearing your space after you use it to recycling and anything in between, if it’s part of your hub etiquette, include it in this section.

  • Guidelines - Any dos and don’t need to be made simple and clear, so post them here. 

  • The Social Stuff - From your social media accounts to finding your blogs and keeping up to date with all your events, let your members know where to find the latest hub info so no one misses out. 

  • Contacts - Your contact details should be easily found and always in your hub handbook. 

Of course, you can feel free to add in anything extra. These are just some of the musts that your members will need. We’ve taken the time to put together a guide on how to write your handbook and tailor it to your hub. You can find it here, and it will bring you through every section above in much more detail. 

        If you would like to know more about creating your hub handbook, get in touch with us today. 

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