The Importance of Hub Handbook

The Importance of Hub Handbook

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There are three types of people when it comes to assembling flat-pack furniture; those who read the instructions beforehand, those who don’t and those who only read them when they get stuck. For members using your coworking space it’s the same, and this is why your hub handbook is so important. It’s the instruction manual that needs to be available to overcome any problem. 


We’re not going to sit here and pretend that every one of your members will read it cover to cover. Because that’s not real life. Some will make it a top priority and those who will only dig it out when they need something, and those who never do, but even they will ask someone when they have questions about the hub - and that person will have read it. This is precisely why you need to create it. It’s not about how many people or how many times it’s read like a solid piece of content. It’s about being a 24/7 resource for your members. Every hub should have one, and here is why. 


Firstly, every one of your members needs to feel welcome. It might seem strange that a digital document - or physical if you choose to print it - can make someone feel part of a group, but it can. It’s a token of membership and a symbol of them being part of this new community. It’s all about feeling. That’s what keeps people in a space. If the desks are good, or the people are nice, or the booking system is simple, these are all positive feelings and experiences that people will return to. Your hub handbook can be one of these too. 


This is also the resource they all require at their fingertips. Your members need to be able to access the info they need when they need it. So provide them with it. Of course, you can only be available to a certain extent, but you can answer questions 24/7 with the handbook. By doing so, you support the smoothest running of the hub’s operations and don’t disrupt anyone’s flow to their progress. No one should be waiting for an answer until the next day to move their situation forward when they don’t have to. 


A hub handbook is one of these things that brings people together. Yes, that might sound strange, but a hub handbook encourages community and supports connection. It’s everything everyone needs to know in the one document, including etiquette, using facilities and hub culture. It’s a guide for how it all operates and how to get the best out of it. Otherwise, you’ve people doing things that might upset others, and no one knows what’s the best way to do things or how the space works. 


When it comes to how we can help with this, we can build your hub handbook into your platform experience for easy access for your members. We can even offer guidance on what to include so you are best supported in supporting them. So if you haven’t got one yet, get cracking on it because it's worth it. And if you do, ensure you have the digital version too. Your hub handbook is a must to ensure everything runs like clockwork for the space and your members. 


If you’d like help with your hub handbook, get in touch with us today. 

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