How do coworking spaces help with networking?

How do coworking spaces help with networking?

Posted By admin |13 Jul 2021

Networking is and always has been essential. From getting jobs to designing products, who you know and how you interact with who you know impacts your success. And it’s only becoming more and more valuable.

According to a recent Forbes article titled 10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential For Your Career, knowing how to network and developing your own personal network is invaluable in one's professional development. In summary of the article networking is essential for your career and business for these key reasons: 

1. Networking allows people to swap and proof ideas and solutions;

2. it gives leverage and weight to your resume, making you stand out in job applications;

3. it opens the door to new opportunities in your industry;

4. it helps you to contextualize your own accomplishments and qualifications;

5. your network can drive you to become more creative; it provides key resources for problem-solving;

6. your network will support you and if your network is strong you can gain support from industry leaders;

7. it helps grow your status and confidence; and

8. it helps to develop lasting relationships.

Therefore, networking is only becoming more important in the time of Covid-19.

A challenge brought by Covid-19 has been in being able to problem solve and work effectively from home. A network will help in giving advice and contributing experiences valuable for solving any problems that might come up. They can also help with setting standards for the workplace, where we’re all unfamiliar with and may need some aid in setting boundaries and goals and that’s why working in co-working spaces is the cure of working from home.

Aside from a flexible working structure and a great place to work, coworking spaces facilitate their users with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with new people every day. Developing a strong and diverse professional network among people with potential is crucial for entrepreneurs or fresh businesses.

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