How CoWorking Spaces can Optimise your New Hybrid Work Strategy

How CoWorking Spaces can Optimise your New Hybrid Work Strategy

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Many companies have now been faced to decide whether they should request all employees to return to the traditional work space, implement a total remote workplace strategy or take a blended approach now known as a Hybrid Workplace Strategy. 
Mass relocation back to the physical workplace is being met with opposition from the workforce, reluctant to wave goodbye to their remote flexibility and hand back that newly attained piece of work/life balance . 

The Western Development Commission with NUIGalway, have published the latest results from Phase Two of the National Remote Working Study, telling us that out of 5,539 people surveyed, 94% are in favour of working remotely for some or all of the time. 

Some organisations are planning a complete return to the physical workplace but are facing retaliation from employees.
It might be worth bringing coworking spaces into the mix.

Coworking Spaces are ideal for organisations looking to offer an “in-office” experience while separating employees from the confinements of their homes, without asking them to endure the long commute in and out of the office, five days a week. 

Coworking spaces are available nationwide with some 260 mapped on with some accessible 24/7. Offering your employees the flexibility to work at a time that best suits their productivity. These types of spaces offer a blend of quiet areas for focused work, collaborative breakout areas to foster interaction and help to stir stale energies that occur while working independently.  

Solely working from home throughout Covid has taught a lot of us that the grass is not necessarily greener while working remotely on a consistent basis. It can often promote a lack of structure that a lot of us require. Although we value flexibility, without structure and physical engagement with people, energy levels can become lacklustre.

As an employer, coworking spaces can give your staff access to facilities, like interactive screens, private phone booths, projectors and even fancy coffee machines. Workspaces are also fully furnished with ergonomically sound desks, chairs, kitchen areas and even sometimes offer shower facilities, bike racks and private lockers. These perks are generally included in the monthly desk rate while converting an overhead into a variable cost.

Connected Hubs National Voucher Scheme, is the perfect opportunity to introduce your organisation and employees to the ease and convenience of Hybrid working. 

With every person registered on the Connected Hubs Network receiving 3 free hot desk vouchers valid until the end of August. 

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If you're currently considering the implementation of a Hybrid Workplace Strategy we can assist you with a number of solutions or advice here BaseWorx
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