Get the best out of your meeting room

Get the best out of your meeting room

Posted By |25 Jan 2022

Pre-pandemic, it was extremely common for companies to use hotel conference rooms for their meetings. They also acted as a great midpoint to meet with their clients and their remote workers. This has all been forced to change not only with the lockdown restrictions but with new hybrid working practices. People are, in many cases, displaced by choice as they crave more work-life balance. But many of these professionals and companies still require access to a private, safe and suitable space to meet. 

This is where managing your meeting rooms to the best of their ability comes in. But let's start first with managing your members. Because you always need to start with them before you bring anyone else in. Ensure you have a simple and effective booking system for your hub's meeting rooms. Naturally, we would vote for a digital one to make your life and their access easier. Next, make the rules and regulations for the space clear. For example, how long it can be booked or how far in advance a booking needs to be made. Then there is etiquette. Can people consume food and drink in them? If so, who cleans up? These are all ways to ensure a smoother running of your operations and a best-kept space.  

Then there are your non-members. This is where the real magic of your meeting rooms is. A good hub will allow the general public to access their meeting rooms. It's all about getting people into the space, not walking past the outside of it. This is how connections are made, and you never know what it could lead to. It can be anything from a meeting of a few people to a big board room situation. This can mean a small local organisation to a larger corporation and anyone in between. 

Always make sure that any user of your space is fully aware of the hub etiquette. Members need to know the space they use regularly is respected, and you do too. If you expand outside your usual community, ensure everything is communicated effectively, boundaries are clear, as are expectations on both sides. 

This is all about making the best of your resources. Make sure your members know your meeting rooms can be used by non-members too, so they know to suggest it if ever asked. Every one of your members is a marketer for your space. Word of mouth is powerful and often leads to bigger business. Utilise what you have to offer. If you manage multiple spaces, consider a deal to show appreciation and promote accessibility. Always think bigger and longer-term on this.  

A key feature of our software is meeting rooms management for this precise reason. It keeps the process lean, simple and effective. People can access and book their room easily, regardless of whether they are a paying member, an outside business, or a member of the public who is using it in a one-off capacity. As the remote working revolution continues, expand with it by providing the space businesses, and people need to meet. Because you have it, and one of the best ways to get the most out of it starts with your meeting rooms. 

If you would like support in getting the best out of your space, get in touch with us today. 

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