A manager's powerful role as a connector

A manager's powerful role as a connector

Posted By hello@baseworx.co |15 Feb 2022

There is a huge transience issue in coworking spaces depending on the culture of the space and the people who occupy it. Some coworking hubs become like a second family for members, while others may spend years working in the same space but don't even know each other's names. The latter is the outcome we want to avoid. Instead, everyone wants a lasting community, and this starts by bringing people together. 


As a coworking space manager, every day is likely a different mix of people, projects, and problems. From invoicing to events, hot desks and meeting rooms, to printing and paintwork, it's full of both challenge and opportunity. But the greatest gift you have as a manager is knowing each of the members of your coworking community. You are a connector. It's your job as a good hub manager to know what everyone is up to. 


But this is also hugely time-consuming, and it's not like you don't already have a lengthy to-do list. When you are trying to do everything else, it's impossible to utilise this position to make great, lasting connections. And you shouldn't be spending your day buried in admin when you can be front-facing with the people or, better still, not only connecting them but making the right connections, creating a lasting community and benefiting from it too. 


We can support you with this. Our software provides every member with a profile, and the messenger feature enables people within the hub to communicate. They can also see what jobs other people have. They can easily know if there is someone in their space who might help them with an issue, advise them or better still, work with. Messenger platforms are a must at this stage when it comes to coworking spaces. They break down barriers and are the norm for modern generations, so it's an integral part of the coworking space of not only the present but the future in this sector - and are a surefire way to sustain communities. 


We believe in building something that solves problems, so that's what we have done. Take your time back and use it elsewhere in your business. Bringing people together in one space doesn't mean they will interact. You always need the connector, and as a manager, you are it. And with the melting pot of talent continuing to grow as hybrid working expands, your role has never been more important to step into. We want to help you with it, making sure the connections can happen even when you are not around. Think of all the opportunities created by introducing people within your space, and they start with you.  

If you would like support to connect your coworking community, get in touch with us today.

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