3 Reasons Why Co-working Spaces Are The Cure to Working from Home

3 Reasons Why Co-working Spaces Are The Cure to Working from Home

Posted By admin |12 Jul 2021

The emergence of the covid-19 pandemic leads to businesses having to adapt their way of working rapidly. Even before this, however, a shift in working culture and a move to remote working was beginning to take over the business world. The development of new technologies has facilitated this and coworking spaces have grown in popularity in recent years. While working from home has its advantages for many people, it does present some problems when it comes to the practicalities of undertaking work tasks. Coworking spaces are the solution to this, offering affordable office spaces and meeting rooms that can be rented on a short or long-term basis. Co-working spaces can be used as a supplement to working from home and can solve many of the issues that home working presents.

Combat Social Isolation

In a recent study about co-working spaces from the programme of Innovation and Enterprise Development of Trinity College Dublin, over 52% of those working from home found that they had feelings of social isolation during the working day. Making the move from working in a busy office surrounded by co-workers to sitting at your kitchen table at home can be difficult. An alternative solution is using a coworking space. These spaces are great locations that allow networking and collaboration with others, making working on joint projects an easier process. Most importantly, co-working spaces give employees the space to build communities and foster relationships, combatting those feelings of social isolation.

Increase Communication and Collaboration

The same study found that 45% of those who worked from home regularly found it more difficult to communicate with their co-workers. This can be due to a number of barriers. Firstly, physical distance from co-workers can make communication trickier, with more discussion having to be conducted through email where it can be more difficult to get ideas across. Secondly, our homes can be very busy – filled with the noise and distractions of family life, be it children playing, dogs barking, or even the postman knocking at the door. All these factors can be distracting and therefore reduce how effective you are at collaborating with your co-workers. Finally, communication when working from home relies on a reliable internet source, which in some homes can be tricky. Co-working spaces offer a sanctuary from busy home life, offering quiet and professional environments to hold meetings and conferences. Co-working spaces offer strong wi-fi allowing you to connect with others in the space, or at other locations. Spaces using Baseworx offer instant messaging, connecting your community in seconds, helping the collaborative process.

Stay Organised

One final complaint by those working from home is that juggling home and work life in the same setting can make it more difficult to keep a schedule. In fact, 35% of those surveyed found this to be challenging. As there are more distractions, some tasks can take longer while others can simply be missed, pushing you off schedule. In coworking spaces, members can work free of distractions allowing them to stay focused and organised. Baseworx allows those working in coworking spaces to schedule bookings and invoices through a personalised member portal making staying organised easier than ever.

Working from coworking spaces is the cure to working from home and if you are in Ireland, you can simply log on to the Connected Hubs network powered by Baseworx to book a desk or office in your area and transform your workday now!

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