2022 The Year of Working Environment

2022 The Year of Working Environment

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We've spent the last couple of years collectively going through many professional changes. Businesses have gone from adapting to suddenly working from home to a desire for remote working options and then moving to a more hybrid model, which many prefer. Whichever someone chooses or a business offers, the common denominator is flexibility. People want it in their work. So now, as we enter 2022 with a level of stability we didn't have this time last year, the conversation is going to be all about the working environment. Because no matter what version of the above someone opts for, people need the right environment for their work and easy access to it.  


And there is much to consider. For example, if people work from home, are they correctly equipped? Not only in terms of tech and connectivity but what about their chairs and desk space? All these important factors are taken care of in the office but not necessarily at home. It's also much trickier to get a work-life balance when working from home with minimal office culture to help regulate that. There is also the risk of isolation. Everyone has different circumstances and environments, so it's not a level playing field when catering for. The good news is, the answer to all these environmental problems is coworking hubs, and here's how.  


They are already professionally kitted out. You don't have to worry about the right chair for one or proximity to the window for another. Not to mention whether or not they're in a positive, healthy environment rather than a box attic space in their homes. It's just like the office in terms of a high standard of equipment ready to use. 


They cater for flexible contracts. Like people want flexibility in their work and location, coworking hubs cater to this in their memberships. There are usually sign up options for a day, week, month and even year. They get it and work with you. 


They support a healthy work-life balance. Having a place to work that isn't your home is a great start to getting this right. From other people leaving at a certain hour to grabbing lunch with another member, this all contributes to taking breaks, being more productive, and striking the balance. 


They provide a commute that suits. One of the things many people did not miss from our newfound working from home environments was a big commute. This gave people back their time, and they could use it how they wished, even spending more of it on work. Giving people a reasonable commute that suits their lifestyle is a no-brainer for their wellbeing and productivity.  


They provide more social interaction. Of course, not everyone is an extrovert and craves social opportunities, but many mourn the small talk in the office or those casual interactions that can relieve stress or motivate. Coworking hubs offer a great combination of water cooler chat or not, depending on what people want. But at least, they are in a more social environment and not in an isolated space. 


We're always going to promote coworking hubs because they are the key to solving all these sticky pieces of preference and necessity when it comes to working environment. From a freelancer to a large corporate, they cater to every person who needs to get their work done in a space that supports it. So, even if they are out of the physical office, it doesn't need to negatively impact people's productivity or experience, instead, it can support it.   


If you would like to know more about creating the right working environment, get in touch with us today. 

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